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Krav Maga for Kids is the most modern and comprehensive “Life Skills Training Program” available for children ages 6 to 12. It provides real‐world preparation for your child’s journey toward adulthood. High self‐esteem and a healthy, fit life style are achieved through fun training via interactive games. Krav Maga for Kids is a complete and comprehensive program giving children essential values such as: reality self‐defense, physical and mental development, self‐discipline, and valuable leadership skills they will carry with them through life!

There are two destructive targets that Krav Maga for  KIDs is geared towards: Bullies and Predators. . . What do kids do if they have to fight for their life?

The Krav Maga Solution for BULLIES and PREDATORS

Cruel behavior from a bully can steal away the happy years childhood should bring to a little boy or girl. The scars created from bullying can carry into adulthood and last for a lifetime. Krav Maga for Kids is the first system to give children means to protect themselves against bullies with techniques that are
School Friendly. No parent wants to see their child suspended from school due to fighting. The Krav Maga for kids approach of minimum force with maximum results teaches children to effectively deal with bullies without negative repercussion!

There are many types of Child Predators in this world, from strangers to someone your child may trust. Children can be a potential target if they don’t know the tell‐tale signs. The Krav Maga for Kids program gives your child powerful knowledge and teaches them how to stop predators before it’s too late.

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