• Ebony Bunny, Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    Out of all the karate schools I've been to, Borowitz Black Belt Academy has a very great environment. For kids it can be fun but it teaches them to be disciplined, confident, and you will see a difference in attitude. I recommend Borowitz Black Belt Academy!!

    Ebony Bunny
  • Awesome school! This Academy has taught me to be proud of my accomplishment. The instructors are always helpful and friendly. 

    Geovannah Coronado
  • Ren Cardenas, Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    Excellent class last night at Borowitz Black Belt Academy, with Grand Master Sullenger. Felt good to get these bones kicking again! Feeling soar, but good today, let's see where it takes us!

    Ren Cardenas
  • Ana C., Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    My son went there when he was 11 years old and it changed his life. It made him confident and he learned respect. The team at Borowitz are great role models for kids.

    Ana C.
  • Dave Wayne, Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    I personally checked out other karate schools and visited them. Borowitz Black Belt Academy is the most Professional there is by far. I'm glad I found this school!! Great Staff!

    Dave Wayne
  • Geovannah Coronado, Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    The moment that I enrolled at Borowitz Black Belt Academy, I knew that I made a true commitment to myself to become a better person. This exceptional Academy not only teaches the Martial way, they also integrate the core values, virtue, and humility to help others as well as yourself. Mr. Borowitz leads by example, and has the true passion of a teacher. Thank you Sensei!

    Geovannah Coronado
  • Both of my girls go here. It is a great school for young children. Their instructor is great with small kids. I strongly recommend this school.

    Ashley Ramirez Lopez
  • "Kickin' Kid" (Active Student with 5 - 10 Years Experience at this school), Borowitz Black Belt Academy Testimonials

    I love this school, the instructors are so patient and warm. They're experienced and knowledgeable. I've tried other schools but Borowitz Black Belt Academy goes above and beyond by not just instructing but teaching life lessons. Truly professional!

    "Kickin' Kid" (Active Student with 5 - 10 Years Experience at this school)
  • This is by far the best karate school in McAllen and even the whole Rio Grande Valley. If you live in Edinburg, Mission, McAllen or Pharr go to Borowitz Black Belt Academy..

    Wayne Perleberg
  • I have been attending BBBA for the past 5 years. At 62 years old I have reached Red Belt in Taekwondo, proficient in Arnis Stick Fighting techniques and trained in Krav Maga self defense. I am in the best physical shape I have been in for years. Looking forward to achieving my Black Belt within the next 2 years.

    Dr. Robert B. Fraser


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